Jumaat, 28 Mei 2010

Indecisive - Empty Decorations

I wake in the dark
With showers of life
Moments of emptiness around
Floating away
No other hope
Reality brings me
Into the ground

What can I do
What can I say
I need a place to hide away
Just for a while,
just for a smile
Just for a life
I used to know

The perfect song were filled with
Words of love and not with anger
What if they go
What if they leave me far behind'

Cause I don't wanna be alone..
Living life for on my own
I don't want to live my life in isolation
Filled with empty decorations'
Cause I want to be with people that I know

Who would do the things I do
Making all my dreams come true
I don't recognize the shadows at my door
Though I've seen them all before
Because the only thing I really want..
Is to be with you....
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